Credit Score Check – Top 3 Ways to improve Your Credit History

Credit Score Check – Top 3 Ways to improve Your Credit History

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Your credit history is calculated with a credit reference agency. The company will do a credit score check by compiling information with different number of sources, like the electoral role, financial data and court public records. This post is offered onto lenders who’ll utilize it to determine whether or not to lend money or what deals to offer towards the customer.

Although some individuals are given bad ratings because of defaults on payments or any other dubious financial activity, others cannot get a full credit score despite a consistently reliable credit history. Causes of this could include not getting lent money before, giving too little evidence to exhibit reliability, not around the electoral role and getting moved house frequently.

If you’ve been given a poor rating and wish to improve it, you should check your personal credit history and request any mistakes to become amended. Should there be no mistakes but you’re still registering a low credit score rating, you can begin served by these 3 steps and you will soon be on the path to a far more favourable credit score check.

1) Register to election

If you’re not around the electoral role, credit reference agencies may be unable to help you find. Without having the ability to measure your credit history, banking institutions is going to be unwilling to lend and you’ll find it difficult obtaining the mortgage, loan or banking account you are after. Should you register to election, you will subsequently be around the electoral role. Which means that the companies can conduct a credit score check up on you.

2) Cancel unused charge cards

Even though it is good to possess a charge card as lengthy while you remove the outstanding balance entirely every month, getting a lot of charge cards at the same time could be harmful to your rating. Chop up and get rid of any charge cards you do not use as closing these accounts, together with any unused accounts, may have a positive impact on your credit history. Once you have carried this out, speak to a credit score agency and let them know you’ve closed the account to make certain it’s been taken off your file.

3) Repay what you owe promptly

This rule applies, understandably, to charge card payments and loan repayments, but additionally holiday to a bills. It’s good to possess bills inside your name because this shows you’ve got a fixed address, that is great news for your credit history. However, once these have established yourself, it is important to pay all bills promptly. Phone, gas and power bills, for instance, are types of credit so not having to pay these promptly can have up with regards to a credit assessment.

It may be useful to make use of direct debits to guarantee the payments get to time, this could also reduce the debts themselves. When you purchase this method, always make certain there’s money obtainable in your bank account to pay for the direct debits around the designated dates.


Other important measures to consider include getting a landline, because this shows you are secure and also at a set address, and ensuring you complete the information you have properly on any form which relates to obtaining a credit related loan, mortgage or account.

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